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Meritec (Pty) Ltd is a technology and services company that has developed the Forward ERP software solution. The existence of the company revolves around Forward ERP. This has not always been the case. Having started out as system integrators in the ERP, MES and warehouse management spaces, Forward ERP has been so successful that it has been the sole focus of Meritec since 2005.

We pride ourselves on the delivery of Forward ERP, which is a cost-effective, highly flexible, user friendly and efficient solution. We have a reputation of working collaboratively with our clients, and are committed to deliver a product of the highest standard. We strive to deliver a solution that exhibits consistent creativity, cutting edge technology, and flawless design, construction and execution.

Forward ERP is a comprehensive and complete solution and is based on Microsoft Technologies These include  .net and SQL, Server and we Integrate with a number of Scanner hardware vendors. We have developed a barcode printing solution for a range of label printers. We also partner with a number of resellers and implementation partners in taking Forward ERP to the market, and to support the use of forward ERP.

Skills and Service

ERP system implementation & Business Process Analysis and re-engineering

Implementation and support of Manufacturing and Warehouse Solutions

Real time integration to other systems, hardware devices end EDI platforms.

Implementation and support of RF Scanning (mobile) solutions and barcode printing programs


Forward ERP offers a fully integrated solution, providing for complete control over the planning and execution of business processes and activities. Comprehensive reporting views allow the use of business data within the system. Forward ERP includes barcode label printing, barcode scanning, and a radio frequency scanner system. 

The first version of Forward ERP was developed in 2002, and the current version is version 6.07. It is a fully integrated system, based on realtime transacting and offers comprehensive functionality. It is scalable from just a few users to hundreds of concurrent users and provides for a cost-effective solution using cutting edge technology. 

From the first Forward ERP clients in 2003, the client base has grown significantly in the last decade. Refer to the client testimonial section on to see what our clients say about us and Forward ERP.

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